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Centralize all your reference images and streamline your creative workflow — refern. lets you save, find, organize, moodboard & share curated art references all in one app.

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Creative timeline, creative streaks & timeline recap video.

Create something everyday to maintain a streak and fill out the grid.

Look back at your improvements through your timeline.

Show off your streaks and timeline.

Get a monthly and yearly recap video of your creations.

refern explore page showing searching for inspiration, arms, faces, and illustrator with 6 results

Auto image labelling & powerful search engine.

Our algorithm auto label your images with keywords so just search what's on your mind.

Search through your collections, reference boards & images, instantly.

Explore other creatives' references or collections.

refern explore page showing searching for inspiration, arms, faces, and illustrator with 6 results

Make doomscrolling productive.

Save references as you scroll (X, Pinterest, Pixiv, etc.) with just a click using refern. capturer.

No intrusive interfaces when saving.

Automatic upload in the background.

Organize everything later in a dedicated unorganized page.

refern unorganized page showing various unorganized artwork reference images.

Organize your references easily.

Add tags, description, source URL, etc. to everything you create (images, collections, reference boards, folders).

Organize images with collections and collection with folders.

Search using any of the attributes you've added.

refern collection page showing the artwork collection page with various image references selected.

Robust moodboards editor with no limit.

Add unlimited reference images into the infinite canvas.

Use any of your saved references in any of your boards.

Freely move, rotate, scale, flip & apply filters to any images.

Color picker, image transparency, texts, and many more.

refern reference board page showing various references from anime on an infinite canvas.

Once you are done...

Share your process and references with just a link.

Send others your reference images, collections, reference boards, folders, and profiles.

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your creative workflow?

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Frequently asked questions.

  • Is refern. free to use?

    Yes, all the core features of refern. is completely free. You can purchase Supporter to unlock more customizations and help us cover server cost.

  • Can other people edit my references?

    No. Only you can edit your stuff. Anyone else can only view it. However, plans for collaborative collections/reference boards is coming soon!

  • Can I access my references from anywhere?

    You can access refern. through a browser on any device. Native desktop, tablets, and mobile apps is coming soon!

  • Will my images be used to create AI Art?

    No. We will never use the images you upload to train/create AI art.

  • Can I upload AI generated images?

    Yes, BUT it is strongly discouraged. Images can be community labelled as AI-Generated, and it will be heavily punished in the algorithm.

  • How to draw consistently?

    You can use the creative timeline feature where you are encouraged to create SOMETHING everyday. Try to maintain a streak and fill out the calendar. Your creations will be in a chronological timeline, and you can scroll to see how far you've come. At the end of the month and end of the year, get a recap video of all your daily creations!

  • How to learn figure drawing using refern.?

    You can use our timed study tool to view collection of references with reference images picked out at random at a selected intervals. Try to capture the gesture of the reference within the time limit!

  • How to use references when making art?

    You can try to take inspiration from the design, pose, color, or perspective of the reference and try to incorporate those element into your own artwork. A reference board/mood board of different references images is often helpful to view many references at once. Refern let's you create reference boards using the references you've collected in your collection.